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What you need to know about Cuba travel insurance

What you need to know about Cuba travel insurance

Tourism in the Caribbean island has developed as the main activity, especially during the last eight years. Because of that, the government has established new requirements for travelers. This time, in Bed and Breakfast in Cuba we will explain what you need to know about Cuba travel insurance.

What are the requirements to enter Cuba?

Cuba became one of the favorite’s destinations for travelers all over the world. Including US citizens who can go to the island if the motive for their trip fits into one of the 12 reasons, the US government has established. This includes humanitarian projects, professional research, journalistic activities, and others.

But in order to enjoy a visit to Centro Havana or any other town without inconvenience at the time of your arrival, you must know what the requirements you must submit are.

As a US citizen, the Cuban government should be notified about your plans on the island. Also, prior to the trip, you should submit the proper documentation to the US government. Both will be monitoring your trip, but that does not mean you will not enjoy it.

The basic documents you need to enter Cuba are a Tourist Card, this is a valid visa that is possible to acquire through the company that organizes the trip. Also, it is necessary to have a return ticket and evidence that you have enough money to cover the expenses of your trip.

Another requirement is to have travel insurance for Cuba trip. It is possible that visitors should present it at the moment of their arrival.

What you need to know about Cuba travel insurance

When you start planning a trip to the island it is necessary to read all the important information to travel to Cuba. This includes the travel health insurance.

Since 2010 it is mandatory to have travel insurance for Cuba. This is a rule that applies to foreign and Cubans living abroad. At the moment the visitor arrives on the island they could be asked to present proof of the insurance policy.

Most visitors to the island pay their policy before the trip. But in case they don’t, it is possible to do it once they are in Cuba. There is a desk in every airport, port o marine where they can purchase a health travel policy.

Among the travel insurance for Cuba requirements the most important are:

  • It must cover medical care in Cuba.
  • Includes air evacuation or repatriation.

It is important to know that in case you use any medical facility and have any outstanding medical bills, the Cuban authorities won’t let you leave the country.

Why it is important to have a travel insurance

Cuba is, in general, a safe country. This does not mean that you can’t present any inconvenience during the trip. There are some risks such as pickpocketing, lost luggage or any medical emergency. You can even be affected by big storms or hurricanes if you travel between June and November.

In any of those situations, it is important to have travel insurance with the appropriate coverage.

Have medical attention in Cuba can be expensive. If a traveler gets sick or has an accident, it will mean to spend a lot of money in a medical facility. And if you have to be evacuated it would cost tens of thousands of dollars. For all of these, it is important to have health travel insurance.

There are medical facilities in hotels where travelers can get primary care. But this doesn’t mean you will have proper treatment for more compicated diseases. Also, in some small towns, it is difficult to find medical assistance. Visitors can use a network of polyclinics and hospitals around the island to get attention through Servimed. This is a healthcare system that provides medical assistance to foreigns. It includes more than 40 health centers.

If you have any emergency during your trip to this Caribbean Island use the free healthcare network as the last option. Medical services in Cuba are scarce, so they prefer to give priority to Cubans in these centers.

In case you need to use your insurance in Cuba you should call Asistur. This company will assist you with insurance and medical attention.

medical assistence for travelers

How to choose a travel insurance for Cuba

Travel companies are aware of this requirement to enter to the island. And they know all the rules for travel insurance to Cuba. When you are planning a trip, ask them about the insurance, because they will probably offer you a solution. Or, in any case, they can tell you how to get a policy.

During this process don’t pick up a random company just to meet a requirement. It is important to compare Cuba travel insurance to choose the best for you. These are some aspects that you should take into account:

  • Coverage for water sports and dangerous activities. One of the many attractions in Cuba are water sports -such as scuba diving or paddle boarding-, and other risky activities as trekking. If you are an enthusiast of any of these, make sure your insurance covers them.
  • Extreme weather. As we said before if you travel in the hurricane season take the precaution of hiring an insurance to cover the consequences that may cause a storm.
  • Cash cover. There is a possibility that someone steals your money while you are on the island. Although it is a safe place, there are criminals who are waiting for the tourists to make a mistake, and to take their money. The insurance must cover this loss and replace the amount that you lost due to a situation like these.
  • Medical care an repatriation. This is the main consideration. Make sure the company will pay for any medical emergency or repatriation. In some cases, they only pay a portion of the cost or ask you to pay upfront and then claim for reimbursement. This alternative is not convenient because treatments and repatriations are very expensive.

One last consideration is -if you already have an international health insurance- to make sure this covers Cuba.

This is what you need to know about Cuba travel insurance. If you are already planning your trip and need accommodation, contact us.