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Can I travel to Cuba in Summer 2020?


  • Phase 1 of Post COVID-19 recovery plan. Tourists CAN NOT travel to Cuba.
    • June 17/2020 – First phase established in Cuba (except for Havana and Matanzas).
    • June 22/2020 – First phase established in Matanzas.
    • July 3/2020 – First phase established in Havana.
  • Phase 2. Tourist can travel to Cuba, but only to the Keys.
    • July 3/2020 Second phase established in Cuba (except for Havana and Matanzas).
    • July 8/2020 – Second phase established in Matanzas.
  • Phase 3. Commercial flights reestablished. Tourist can travel to Cuba.
    • Not date set yet. According to some airlines commercial flights will continue to be suspended until at least August 1/2020

Three months after the coronavirus outbreak there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding travelling.

Cuba’s economy, depending to a great extent on tourism, has been severely affected during this period. Yet, the government decided not to rush opening the borders. As for June 11, the Cuban authorities declared coronavirus in Cuba under control and announced a post-COVID-19 recovery plan . The aim is to gradually eliminate the restrictions and start the journey back to normality.

The recovery plan is divided into three phases, the duration of which may vary in different regions of the country. Each region will have its own calendar. In June 17 the First Phase was established in the whole island, except for the territories of Havana and Matanzas, since they registered the majority of the coronavirus cases. On July 3 the second phase was established, again with the exception of Matanzas and Havana, which stayed in phase 1.


During the FIRST PHASE the country went internally “back to business”. Most people went back to work. Bars, cafes, restaurants, non – food shopping centers and leisure centers such as museums and zoos reopened with limited capacity. Transportation and non-basic medical service in the country were partially reestablished. In this period the use of facemask outside the home was still mandatory. Also, tourism was possible, but only for locals.


During the SECOND PHASE the use of the facemask continues to be mandatory, but only in places where there is a high concentration of people. Hospitals, cafes, restaurants, leisure centers, etc. will expand its capacity, but still not to a 100%. Schools and universities reopen and the scholar year resumes.

Although commercial flights will be suspended during this time, the country opens up to international tourism. Some tourism packages with charter flights are available for those wanting to visit Cuba. Note: This is not tourism as we all know it.

Tourists during this stage can purchase a package and pick a beach destination for their stay. Destinations are limited to the northern and southern keys of the island, such as Cayo Santa María, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Largo del Sur.

All international visitors will be administered a PCR test for the new coronavirus and have their temperature taken, upon arrival in the country. Then, a bus will take them directly to the beach resorts, where they should remain until departure to the airport. Clinical epidemiological surveillance will be conducted within hotels. Excursions to cities or other sites will not be offered. Travelers will not be allowed to enter any city or socialize with Cubans. Cubans are also not allowed to visit these keys and resorts during the first or second stage. Those providing services for the first international tourists will remain onsite at the hotel for seven days at a time, followed by seven days of isolation in their homes.


The THIRD PHASE will be the return to the “new normality”. The borders will reopen and tourists will be able to access destinations in the rest of the country. The health protocol will still be maintained at each flight’s arrival. Also, private rental houses (with hygiene protocol and system to report clients with respiratory symptoms) will reopen to accommodate foreign tourists.

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