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Cuban borders to continue closed until further notice

A note published on the website of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) recalls that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cuba’s borders remain closed.

Humanitarian flights are excepted from this measure, as well as Cuban citizens residing in the national territory who were stranded in other countries at the time of the epidemic’s outbreak after being authorized.

For such procedures, “authorization must be requested at Cuban consulates” and “travelers must obtain their reservation on humanitarian flights that take place and that generally originate in Europe in Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Paris or Amsterdam,” MINREX explained.

The information issued this Tuesday warns that the authorization for other Cuban citizens, who it considers “non-habitual residents,” or for foreigners is carried out in an exceptional manner and its authorization is the responsibility of the authorities in Cuba who analyze the reasons for the request.

Whatever the cause, travelers authorized to enter Cuban national territory must spend 14 days in quarantine in isolation centers in Havana before going to their destination province.

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Cuban airports get certification for arrival of international travelers

In the case of tourist trips to hotels in the keys, these are handled by tour operators who make the reservations. The requirement of the visa/tourist card is maintained.

These trips are exclusively to the keys and entry to other Cuban territories is not authorized, MINREX warns.

Cuba closed its borders on March 31; and, although there have been rumors about the date when regular flights will resume, the specific time for this to happen has not been officially notified.